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The first mandated hunter education program began in New York in 1949 to
reduce hunting accidents. As hunter education programs spread across the
safety coordinators formed what is now the International Hunter Education
Association to create a core curriculum, which is the basis for this course.
.Hunter education programs have always taught young hunters the practice of
firearm and hunting safety. Today, hunter education programs are about more
than safety. They have been expanded to produce knowledgeable, responsible,
and involved hunters -hunters who understand the importance of complying
with hunting laws and behaving ethically. These programs give beginners a good
foundation, and they provide a refresher for veteran hunters.
Ultimately, the mission of hunter education programs is to ensure the
continuation of the hunting tradition.

Responsibility, Safety Skills, Knowledge, and Involvement
Hunter education strives to instill responsibility, improve skills and knowledge,
encourage the involvement of beginner and veteran hunters. Responsible, ethical
behavior and personal involvement are all essential to the survival of hunting.
A knowledgeable and skillful student of hunting will never be a true hunter
unless he or she also behaves responsibly. Responsible behavior includes
courtesy, respect of others and of wildlife, and involvement. Responsible hunters
do not poach or act carelessly. Responsible hunters obey hunting laws, hunt
fairly, practice safety rules, and wait for a clean kill before shooting. How you
behave and how other people see you will determine hunting's future-
Safety Skills
Hunting-related safety skills are gained through hands-on training and practice.
It is most valuable to learn these skills from an experienced hunter.
Knowledge is learning and understanding the basics of safe gun handling and
hunting. Before being trained in the skill of firearm shooting, you should know
how the firearm operates and how to safely handle it.
Part of the process of becoming a true, responsible sportsman is becoming
involved in efforts to make hunting a respected sport. That includes teaching
others, working with landowners, and cooperating with game wardens. It also
includes joining conservation organizations, which will help preserve habitat
and promote wildlife management.
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