Ca Guard Card
How Do I Get My California Guard Card or Security Guard License?

So you’ve decided that becoming a security guard is a good step for you, well that’s great! But before you run out and start putting in apps with all the security companies in your area, you have to make sure you have all the proper credentials for it. Are you at least 18 with a clean record? Good! That’s an awesome start.

Now that we know you are old enough to qualify and will most likely pass the background check that the BSIS in California will run on you, you will have to make arrangements to get yourself in for training and testing for a California Guard card. Don’t worry it’s not as scary and hard as it may seem.

Like all states in the U.S., California requires you to have at least a basic guard card, and depending on how high up you want to go to - additional training certification (such as baton, first aid, firearms etc) to prove that you are able to comply with the standards of, and handle the responsibilities of, becoming a California security guard.

Of course, there are a lot of different places you can check out to get your guard card training done.   But the first place to look of course is security guard training schools in your local area.  There are a lot of schools in California that offer the necessary courses needed for becoming a licensed security guard.

Some are better and some are worse than others. However a good security training school will be able to get you through the whole process start to finish in about 8 hours and maybe even leave you with a pleasant smile on your face at the end.

Personally, I tend to look for places with a little personality or spunk and employees that don’t present like they’d rather be getting a double root canal that servicing ME. The lighter the environment, the faster whatever I am doing seems to go and the better the overall experience is altogether. Just a tip.

Aside from local training schools, another good place to check into licensing would be actual security companies – The ones you are considering for potential employment.  If you look around and make some phone calls to the local security companies that are hiring, a lot of these companies can help you on your way to getting your guard card or at least point you in the direction of companies they know serve their customers well.

So once you have found the training facility of your choice, just give them a call or check out their website (or facebook page) and see when they have a class that you can attend.

 On class day: Grab your Money, your ID, maybe a liter or two of “dew” and get there on time.  (Some classes will not let you in if you are more than 5 minutes late so keep an eye on your watch!) Be prepared and patient - You are looking at about 8 hours for the training class, plus time for taking the test and doing your fingerprint scan after you have passed, getting your diploma, and the finalization of the paperwork you need for submission to the BSIS in Sacramento, Ca.(Very Important!)

In addition to your basic guard card certification, check out what other services and licenses you might be interested in getting while you are at the security school. The next best one to get is your firearms permit particularly since armed guards get paid more than unarmed guards. The school you get your guard card from can probably schedule you for whatever else you need while you are already there. Plus you will already be familiar with the company and where it is.

Finally. .. You have taken the class, done the test, and submitted your livescan and paperwork. Now you just wait for the BSIS to send you your guard card in the mail and you are ready t go! See, that wasn’t hard now, was it. J

Good luck to you in your pursuit of a new career direction!