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Q. How do I check to see if my guard card
licence has been cleared in Sacramento?

See home page for new directions
and link for this answer, there has been
some changes due to the state
updating/changing to the breeze system

A. You may
click hear, Type in your name,
hit enter. If it has cleared, and a license
number has been assigned to you, you
will see your name and city. Click on your,
name and you may print the page. Its called
an interim licence,  you may start working
with the interim licence while waiting to
receive your
card in the mail.

Q. What If its been a long time and I keep
checking the web site and my name Isn't

A. You may contact  BSIS by calling
1 - 800 - 952 - 5210
tell them you would like to check on the
status of your guard card. Sacramento
processes a lot of people so be prepared to
be on hold for a while to talk with some

Q. What If I call them and something Is
They don't have my paperwork?

A. Give us a call and we will help you In any
way we can to correct the problem.
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