Having trouble Printing or Opening some or all of the documents?

Several Documents are in PDF form

What does that mean?
Well it means you will get to see and print great quality items but it can also
mean if you have an older computer it may take a while to open them, and
staring at a blank screen that seems frozen forever isn't fun.

If that is the case there is a lil trick you can do-

1. Go to the Calendar and Information page

2. Put your mouse arrow over the item that you want to open

3. Do not click the left mouse button to open the calender insted click the
Right mouse button, when you do a list will come up

4. Click on  "
save target as" then it will ask you where you would like to
save it to,

5. Pick a place that you will be able to find the calendar that you saved such
as my documents, it only takes a second to download it, then

6. Click open and it will open quite quickly for you.

If your still having problems you can:

1. Give us a call 310-325-5870 and we will be happy to fax the item to  
2. Or you can e-mail us and I can send it to you as an attachment
3. Or you can e-mail us your address and I can mail the Calendar to you
4. Or you can give us a call 310-325-5870 and we will be happy to give you
 the dates and times of the classes over the phone
5. Or your welcome to stop by our office any day or time that we are open
and pick up a printed calendar
E mail us